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The Situation Womb Podcast

Mar 2019

Holistic Facials and Plant-Based Nutrition with Senja Curran, Founder SC Holistic SkinHealth + Wellness

March 22, 2019

Senja Curran Owner, Holistic Facialist, Plant-Based Nutrition


Senja’s background in the world of natural foods and wellness extends over the last fifteen years. As a partner in the building of the natural and organic addition to Coll’s Farm, Senja has a unique outlook on the wellness and natural foods industry, as well as a strong sense of what it takes to provide a community with natural, organic skincare creating wellness from the inside out.

Senja’s passion for personal health and all things wellness has made her an indispensable resource for information regarding health, seasonal foods, clean skincare, non-toxic household supplies, herbal and whole food supplements, to list a few. Her customers would echo this sentiment!

As we discuss a woman’s essential place in healing and wellness, Senja’s experience and training in Integrative Medicine will inform our conversations about healing touch, innate female wisdom, and holding space for our healing paths. Senja's experience and education at the Wellness Center, working with other practitioners set the standard and developed the ethos fostered at SC Holistic Skin Health+Wellness.

SC Holistic SkinHealth + Wellness 
139 Main Street, Suite 501c Brattleboro, VT
by appointment 802-689-0412