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Apr 2019

Meditation, Sisterhood, and Building the First Regenerative Agrihood in the USA with Amelia Tracy, Founder of Conducive

April 7, 2019

Amelia Tracy, Founder of Conducive, a women-owned real estate development firm that builds regenerative agrihoods.


“Creating conditions conducive to life is not optional; it’s a rite of passage for any organism that manages to fit in here over the long haul.” - Janine Benyus, founder, Biomimicry 3.8

In 2017 Amelia realized early that the best way to be an architect was to quit architecture.

After a decade in Boston working for high-performance building construction, design, and renewable energy development companies, Amelia finally branched out on her own. In spring 2017, she quit her job, took her commission check, and started going to conferences, networking events, cold calling farmers, and spastically trying to make friends in the industries she was intrigued by.

She also read, like a mad scientist, for a year alone in her house that was nessleted in little district in historic New Hampshire. What came from this experience was a focused vision that has morphed into the Village at Stone Barn. The project is an interface of smart real estate development: clustered, run on renewables and net-zer0, intergenerational, and multistrada wealth.

The real gem of the project is the regenerative farming. In a climate-changing world, our most vulnerable industry is a food system which directly impacts poverty, transportation, wealth creation. Climate change impacts our local communities, access to water,  and access to resources. Food is at the very center of a conversation about climate change, social justice, wholeness, healing, and authenticity.

Building a farm that grows the most badass and nutritious food locally along with using adaptable, heartier native plant systems, is the work Amelia is most interested in. Through farming and feeding ourselves extremely well, and building skills that tend to the Earth in a responsible and respectful way, we can actually mitigate the effects of climate change via smart farming systems.  

Amelia believes that through biological solutions, community building, and general common sense best practices, we can build resilience towards the impending next chapter of human life  which is quickly approaching every community on the planet, already impacting many of the most vulnerable. Women, in every community, are always the most hard-hit and the focal point of Amelia’s work is to build these resilient farming systems in every corner of the planet so women and children (and the men they love), have a fair shot at building a beautiful and vibrant future. She does this because she knows it’s possible.

Conducive is led by women who believe in the power of environmental restoration and climate change adaptation as a means to build a resilient and vibrant future for our children. Just 50yrs from now, we are not guaranteed a habitable planet. Climate change gives us both the urgency and the opportunity to rethink social, environmental and economic challenges. Because they  know environmental issues are deeply connected to many other problems in our world, they believe in building a new paradigm. Their mission is to:

  • Create places that uphold natural and cultural heritage;
  • Protect biodiversity;
  • Redevelop existing properties because it is the most sustainable, albeit often more expensive, kind of development;
  • Design careers developing resilience to climate change;
  • Create business leadership rooted in eco-literacy and environmental stewardship;
  • Build places where people can experience what it feels like to lead a healthy, climate-beneficial life.


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Allan Savory Ted Talk (that changed Amelia’s life)



The Village at Stone Barn sits on a 32 acre hillside just east of downtown Peterborough, NH and Mount Monadnock. Complete with walking trails, wetlands, yoga space, farm-to-table cafe and working farm, the Stone Barn is a unique place to find your center, connect to nature, and rekindle that feeling you have when you allow yourself to be captivated by the place we get to call home.