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The Situation Womb Podcast

Mar 2019

About The Show

March 31, 2019

Social entrepreneur and educator and founder of Kundalini Yoga Brattleboro and You Go Girl Yoga, Cindy Siri Bani Ludlam, invites you to a monthly recommitment to feminine power, passion, and potential.


For all you history lovers out there, yes, this podcast is named after John F. Kennedy’s Situation Room. But unlike that male-run military command center, this podcast reimagines that space by creating a virtual womb.

The Situation Womb is a cradle of healing and sisterhood. We will hear from guests who can lead us to practical training and holistic structures that widen our vision of global, healing personhood. We will explore how to nourish ourselves and others with the great hope of contributing to a more peaceful planet.

Peace starts with you, it starts with us, and if you are not  feeling great in your body, mind, and spirit, it is likely you are not helping others to do the same. Isn’t that why we are? To elevate all-big and small?